Resource Library

Event and Retreat Coordination Resources


Seminar Design & Delivery (Guide by Russ Giles of Upward Spirals)

45 Practical and Effective Tips to Generate More Revenue from Your Events

Retreat Planning Checklist

Wealth Through Workshops Guide to Creating Workshop Retreat or Seminar Business




Regenerative Organizations and Sharing Economy Resources


Ecovillage Design Education Sustainability Fundamentals – Gaia Education

How to Start a Co-op

Coops 101, An Introduction

Guide to Sharing – Community Action Kit

Regenerative Enterprise v1 eBook
Links to author’s website for direct download or purchase. This is the best book I’ve read in years on new economics; easy to understand, includes what I believe are literally some of the most important ideas ever written on how to view our economy and its interaction with communities and nature.

A Primer on Global Economic Sharing

Regenerative Capitalism – New Economy

Sacred Economics – Eisenstein

Regenerative Leadership – Integral Leadership

Reinventing Organizations – A Guide to Developing Integral Businesses


Other free resources from Upward Spirals


Regenerative Lifestyle and Sustainable Solutions Library
One of the world’s largest regenerative resource libraries


Find out about wellness and sustainability events around Costa Rica at the Learning Calendar: Costa Rica

You can find 100+ sources for organic products around the country on the Organic Directory


The Sharing Economy as a Path to a Regenerative Future pdf

Needs to Catalyze an Effective Regenerative Movement pdf


If you could benefit from expert help developing or expanding a business that is purposeful, financially successful and environmentally regenerative, you may be interested in our Social Enterprise Development service.

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