Regenerative Business Optimization

Regenerative Business Optimization

With the Diamante Valley Solution Center

What is Regenerative Business?

Regenerative business is an innovative set of strategies, techniques, and responsible business practices organizations can use to create financial value, and positive social and environmental impacts in their local and global communities. A regenerative business goes beyond sustainability, acting as a beneficial force in their community.

Frequently a regenerative solution to a business goal utilizes conventional business tools and technologies, but applies them in a way that is both profitable and leverages opportunities to create a better world socially and environmentally.

As the ratio of organizations using regenerative business practices increases, it accelerates a societal shift towards values that support healthfulness, collaboration and abundance, rather than degradation, competition and scarcity.

Regenerative business leaders have transformed their organizations from ones that mostly benefit their immediate stakeholders, into powerful forces for creating healthy communities, which benefit everyone.

How will I benefit from working with the Solution Center?


We help forward-thinking small business owners and social entrepreneurs who want to grow environmentally and financially sustainable organizations.

Organizations that work with the Solution Center quickly grow into leaders in their communities, creating much more value financially, socially and environmentally.

We will help you use your time effectively, save money, and direct your resources to efficiently achieve your goals.

You will benefit from:

  • Clear, simple to understand plans to grow your business
  • Powerful, integral business models that create value for all
  • Online tools to increase productivity and reduce workload
  • Market data and plans to make decision making easier and more effective
  • Financial forecasts, budgets, and financing ideas
  • Process improvements to save time, increase efficiency and reduce waste
  • Descriptions, definitions and marketing communications to help you communicate to your clients and community how your regenerative business practices create value for all
  • You can implement the plans we create yourself, or we can do it with you. We can guide and train you and your team through the process of learning and using your upgrades
  • Access to our extensive regenerative toolkit and knowledge bases
  • Ongoing support in the areas your team needs


What will working with the Solution Center look like?


After filling our brief questionnaire, we’ll connect to set up a time to learn more about your business goals. During the free consultation, we will ask you a series of questions designed to guide our time working together. Using the information you have shared we will then design a customized proposal based on your goals and what you will need to achieve them.

If you like the proposal and want to work on it with us, we’ll get right to work.

Our time together will include:

  • Visioning what you can achieve with your business
  • Sharing information with us about your products, programs, team, history, and current goals
  • Meetings in person, phone, or chat
  • Written, detailed plans for optimizing your business
  • Weekly progress reports posted on our shared online project management platform
  • Sharing deliverables, explaining new business features, presenting completed upgrades
  • Training you and your team on how to use your new tools and plans
  • A transition training period when we’ll make sure you are comfortable with your new upgrades





What can the Solution Center team do for my organization?

 (Specifics will be clarified during the consultation and planning processes. This is a representative sample.)

  • Revenue generation options
    • Designing or upgrading your business model and revenue generation models
    • How you can leverage your strengths and opportunities to create value
    • Optimizing your business model to accelerate and facilitate growth
    • Implementation plans to develop your preferred options
  • Strategic growth plan
    • Visioning and Goal Setting
    • Resource analysis (Determining resources needed for success, comparing with current levels, designing paths to close the gap)
    • Help setting priorities and determining the most leveraged path
    • Product development / Program development
    • Staffing, partnership, and strategic alliance planning
    • How to integrate regenerative values into your organization
  • Financial plans
    • Budgets
    • Cash flow forecasts
    • Financing, fundraising, investing
    • Pricing strategy
    • Achieving optimal growth rates (Re-investment ratios)
  • Marketing & Sales plan
    • Data gathering and analysis
    • Lead generation
    • Marketing strategy
      • Social media
        • Processes
        • Tools
      • Content
      • Advertising
      • Networking
  • Website planning and development
  • Setup and training on productivity tools
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Tools (for productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and quality)
  • Training on regenerative business models
  • And we’ll help you determine what everything will cost, how long it will take, and prioritize where to start

Are there any other reasons to work with the Solution Center?


All our profits support our social benefit mission to co-create an ecologically harmonious world by hosting wellness and educational events, developing local sharing economies, supporting organic food systems, and systematically empowering all organizations involved in building a regenerative society.

By working with our team of business and sustainability experts, you will create a symbiotic relationship that builds your business, supports our social mission, and creates an example to inspire others.

What qualifies you to achieve these results?


It will be you achieving the results! We will be supporting your business’ growth with clear plans and powerful knowledge and productivity tools. While working together you will learn modern regenerative business management strategies that will increase your ability to lead dynamic, impactful, meaningful organizations.

Our team of business and sustainability experts is supported by a network of advisors composed of management consultants, business leaders, and nonprofit organizers. We are complimented by a diversely skilled support team of dedicated helpers.

You will work directly with Eric Baudry, Executive Director of the Diamante Valley Solution Center, and Sustainability Strategist with Upward Spirals through every step of our co-creation. Eric has been helping organizations become more effective and sustainable since 2003. Originally for an international strategic consulting company serving the largest corporations in the world, and later after deep reflection on how we can co-create a regenerative society, for small organizations who value much more than quarterly profits and infinite growth.

You can learn more about Eric’s specific qualifications on LinkedIn or his resume.

What’s next?

If this opportunity sounds like something you would like to explore, get in touch and we’ll create a customized proposal outlining your best opportunities to grow your business. It will be a ‘living’ document, adapting to your needs and the opportunities we discover during collaboration.

Thank you for considering if working with the Solution Center is the right way to co-create your vision!

We are available to answer any questions at Solutions@UpwardSpirals.Net.

Eric Baudry
Executive Director @ The Diamante Valley Solution Center
Sustainability Strategist and Co-Founder @ Upward Spirals

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