Nice Cream

Secrets to making healthy, low fat vegan “Nice Cream”

Durian Persimmon Puddingwith Eric Rivkin

Secrets to making healthy, low fat vegan “Nice Cream”
Master Raw Chef Eric will show you how to make delicious, sweet creamy “nice cream” made from whole, frozen fruit and a coconut milk base, with natural flavorings, all free of sugar, salt, dairy, or any artificial ingredients.
The recipe chosen…
Remember the orangey-vanilla taste of Creamsicles? Eric has reverse engineered this popular treat in a raw vegan version that will inspire you to try your own nice cream and your favorite fruits, nut milks, and flavorings.
Individual servings will be pre-frozen for the New Years pot luck, and samples served fresh at the demo.
The full recipe will be published in the Community Days blog.
For more information, recipes, and book TO LIVE FOR! go to and Rawjedi on FB.

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