Loving-Kindness Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation



with Jananda

I’ve practiced with several Budhist groups over more than 15 yesrs.  Loving Kindness mefitation is a pracyice by every Budhist tradion I kmow of.  The practice I am offering to share with you is unique for as both the most powerful and easiest I have experienced.   I look forward to starting the New Year sharing this experience with you.  Children are welcome.

Preparation: This practice is based on peak moments of your experience. So you may find it useful to reflect on the times in your life when you felt 1) the highest state of health and Wellbeing 2) when you were the happiest and 3) when you were most in love with all you were ecperiencing in you life. These will form the basis of our practice together.

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