Letting Go!

Letting Go! – Solving the Community Challenge of ADDICTION & ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOURS: A Platform of Compassionate Listening, Holding Space and Increasing Self Awareness


Presentor(s): Terra Entheos and Parker Rogerson

We are presenting the first step in a model system that can be used for solving community issues, we have chosen to focus on addiction because it is something that everyone has had to face in their lifetime so we all have a point of reference and letting go of addiction would be a wonderful way to close out this year and open to the new year. This workshop will discuss communities role in supporting those we love through the process of addictive transformation, and a pivotal lens from which to consider addictive behavior that enables an empowering perspective for growth and well being. We will be presenting three meditative process to assist in our self discovery (1) meditation to drop in observe and better understand our addictive pattern(s); (2) a diad to learn compassionate listening and to introduce the power of being heard; (3) and finally a meditative process to release these patterns and enter a new truer state of being.

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