Eric Baudry

Eric Baudry
Founder, CEO & Strategist Director

Unity Consciousness, Social and Environmental Sustainability, Strategic Planning, Regenerative Economics, Organizational Development, Knowledge Management


I am empowering and facilitating a societal transition to a regenerative relationship with nature.


15 years ago I worked as a Knowledge Manager for a Strategic Consulting Cy, serving Fortune 500 companies. After a couple years I realized that in those industries, sustainability actually meant maintaining profits and using these vital concepts as marketing tools to increase sales. And what’s worse, if these corporate agendas I was supporting were successful, it would actually hinder society’s transition to sustainability.


I saw clearly then that my continued participation in that corrosive economy was impossible, and if I was to honor my values, and the deep love I have for nature, I needed re-create my life. It took years to leave my job, my house, my sports car, my wife, But I knew I had to, and though my family, friends and colleagues thought I was going crazy, I had never been more happy.


In time I found myself on my current path, creating regenerative organizations and programs, in as leveraged and systemic a way as possible, to co-create the momentum we need to live in the regenerative world my heart knows is possible.


I co-founded Upward Spirals, a regenerative think tank and consulting company, to magnify the sustainable solutions community’s ability to co-create a regenerative future. We build tools, templates, guides, business plans, and social benefit programs for leaders of regenerative projects, to help them accelerate the co-creation of a sustainable society. Our goal is to empower a global network of holistic economic development centers with regenerative models and tools to systematically co-create a healthy planet, people, and communities.


As the CEO and Strategic Director of Upward Spirals, I guide the organization and our team towards our social impact goals. I create regenerative impact models, strategic plans, project management tools, and manage our knowledge resources to help us be as effective as possible, and facilitate our shared goals. I have the pleasure of working with some of the most heart-centered and visionary educators, healers, and community builders in the world, and love this beautiful world we’re all creating together.



If you would like to know what qualifies me for this opportunity, you can visit my resume or expanded bio.


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