De-Constructing Upsets

De-Constructing Upsets:
The anatomy of Argghhh


with Russ Giles and Sheri Cooke

An experiential inquiry and practice in discovering those things that keep most people stuck in recurring behaviors, careers and relationships that exacerbate sadness, anger, guilt and retribution.

Russ Giles and Sheri Cooke will facilitate this two-hour inquiry and practice.  In short: how to take apart and examine an upset to reveal the key components that result in such universally debilitating situations in all relationships—marriages, partnerships, business endeavors, national/international politics; and most significantly the relationship an individual has to him/herself.

By the end of two hours, participants will have a very simple practice they can choose to follow to diffuse and recover from their upsets and perhaps not repeat quite so often in the future.

As always, the facilitators are committed to a more experiential workshop rather than a conceptual lecture forum.  Russ a master practitioner in NLP with an academic background in philosophy, has led a number of provocative and funny workshops at DC.

Sheri’s work (as a Messenger of One)  embodies her experience of as an international ACIM Teacher, a master EFT practitioner, facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork, The Work of Byron Katie, Hypnotherapy, and Quantum Touch. She has led several workshops around Perez Zeledon, and offers private sessions for individuals.

Both these characters have lived in San Isidro for the past sever years.  And yes, they are both pretty lousy at Spanish.

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