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Community Days! is a gift economy – pay it forward event where we all share gifts and knowledge together within our community and we show appreciation in non-financial ways.

If we all offer even one gift, one passion or ability with our neighbors, imagine the vast abundance we collectively gain from sharing and magnifying these skills, wisdom, and resources.

We ALL benefit from finding non-financial ways to support ourselves and each other. This model is not about being against money, it is about organizing together as a community to create a higher total value than what the separate dollar amounts could buy. Connecting with each other in this way becomes both an effective and meaningful way to meet our needs, and an opportunity to transform our economy into a positive force in our lives.

People everywhere are quickly becoming aware of the importance of sustainable lifestyles. We wanted to create a community gathering that both showcases the inspiring sustainable examples in Costa Rica, and that also helps guests connect with all the knowledge, resources and community they need to choose a more healthy and rewarding life.

By co-creating a regenerative community in the Diamante Valley, and sharing our models, tools and knowledge with other organizations and communities also working to create a sustainable society, we are simultaneously improving the lives of people locally and around the world.

The Sharing Economy is one of the most promising solutions to an array of sustainability issues currently facing society. Through developing local alternate economies, we benefit from more of what we want, spend less to get it, and develop meaningful connections and relationships with our local community. As we increasingly work together to meet our collective needs, we grow away from relying on an economic system which is primarily benefiting just a few, and is quickly degrading our environment and social systems.

Here’s a list of ideas one might ask their community for:

“I would love to learn how to cook bread”
“ I would always be happy if someone prepared me a meal”
“I could really use help moving boxes on Saturday”
“Any help marketing my project be would amazing”
“It would be really helpful to have a babysitter / house sitter on Thursday mornings”
“Just moved and could use some used furniture or clothes”
“I could use help in the garden this month”
”I could use a ride to San Isidro this Thursday”
“I would love any type of body work”
“Can I borrow tools for a week”
“Any extra produce from your garden would be really helpful this month”
Pay it forward: “It would feel really good if someone helped my neighbor with her garden”

Instead of earning money, and then trading money for a service, we go directly within our community as a ‘group of services and relationships’ and explore how we can get our needs met together in mutually beneficial ways.

Practicing this new economy also brings greater community awareness to what people are offering and what people want and need. This is a start to creating sharing circles and local currencies that are great for community.

We can all help each other because we want to, because we appreciate our neighbor’s gifts, because it creates a higher value for all life and we like our community.

What do you think?

If this sounds great to you, start thinking of what you would like to offer your community and your personal list of requests that would make your life better.

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What if we designed our communities and economies to be Regenerative instead of Degenerative?

Regenerative design is frequently applied to natural ecosystems, and to increase personal energy and wellness.

Regenerative principles can also be deliberately applied to community development and building a regenerative local economy. Utilizing these ecologically and socially integral models greatly benefits the participants, and the communities and economies in which they live and work.

Successful farmers and land stewards have learned to focus on building quality soil as a way to increase quality and productivity, an awareness which very much applies to building a high quality community and economy.

Creating the conditions for success means maintaining a high priority on how we do things, as much or more than the specifics of what we are doing. Defining and practicing a high quality how varies from person to person, though nature-inspired models have the highest chance of being sustainable.

What are some of the natural models we can replicate to increase our individual and community well-being?

Connect with and compliment each other to synergize and become more than the sum of our parts. Almost all the worthwhile endeavors in life require and benefit from collaboration and combining the range of abilities and perspectives available in groups.

None of us is smarter than all of us. Leverage and magnify the incredible awareness, capability, and diversity of your community.

Consider and build all forms of capital. Our current economy is systematically turning living capital, social capital, cultural capital, and spiritual capital into financial accumulations, which in turn do relatively little to build a better future for most beings. New business and community models which focus on reversing those flows are some of the most effective regenerative forces in creating a beautiful future. Designing your business and community models to build multiple types of capital greatly increase the ways you and your community can thrive together.

Cultivate and harvest a surplus; repeatedly taking from resource stocks can't be sustained. Create win-win, long-term considerate arrangements with your clients, partners, community, businesses, and environment, and measure and value success on multiple levels to create abundance on multiple levels.

Find others with a common cause or purpose. Connect with those who share your passion and are working to build an organization or community or future you would most like to see.

Read more about the Sharing Economy in our article  The Sharing Economy as a Path to a Regenerative Future.

And to learn more about what we believe could create the momentum we want towards creating a sustainable culture, check out Needs to Catalyze an Effective Regenerative Movement.

Hope to see you at a Community Days! soon!!

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